26 May 2009


Sorry so long. I've been in class from 8 till six, which results in running around from 7 till 8 and then collapsing in bed and falling asleep while the light is still shining outside. I'm a Wilderness First Responder now, and the happy owner of an Aerie Medical t-shirt, thanks to a strong score on the written examination. I'm hoping for some hot tubbing this evening to soak away the long day before I once again fall into a deep deep sleep.

14 May 2009


Ug. Not a good morning. I took the GRE, and did pretty well on the verbal, not so hot on the math, and I won't know about the writing for a while. I think I will have to take it again next year, though how I will improve my math score is debatable, as they aren't really testing math skills, just convoluted numbers skills. I'll know how to pace myself better anyhow. I'm glad it is done. That's all I have to say to that.

10 May 2009

words of wisdom

I'm not going to the giant graduation ceremony in the Adams Center, so I will miss out on the inspirational speaker. But Timothy Egan more than makes up for it.


08 May 2009

pink and orange

I am very enamored of my resume at the moment. Cream linen press paper + tiny accent of spring color + excellent layout, content, yadda yadda. I don't want to give them away to my professors, who I am sure will immediately recycle them when my exit interview is over.

Yesterday was my last day of classes, but it was far too exhausting to enjoy or savor. However, I would like to say that I kicked butt on the second part of the Dendrology test, and I can't wait to go in next week to get my results. If my spelling is as good as I think it is, there was only one tree that I was not absolutely sure of. Stupid Juglandaceae and its bitter butter wal nuts.

I am currently wasting time before portfolio review, all dressed up with no where to go. I wanted to bring in my entire portfolio--all eight binders worth, but it weighs over thirty pounds and I'm in heels and a silk skirt. And rain threatens. I have thirty five cents with which to buy breakfast. I believe that is enough for a nutrigrain bar. Hmm.

03 May 2009


For you, pretty vintage graduation dress. I'm pretty sure it looks better in real life than in the pictures, which were taken in the bathroom, with horrible lighting. And I'm not wearing the right shoes. I'm not sure I have the right shoes, come to think of it. What goes well with a black grad gown and a light yellow cotton dress? I made the belt, as the dress had lost its own. It has a pretty floral pattern with is hard to see in photos. Also spent a great deal of time ironing it, with mostly good results, except that SOMEHOW the iron picked up some melty black goo halfway through and transferred it to the dress and I can't get it out. It isn't very noticeable, but I was very upset.

01 May 2009


This is a very representative picture of me. Note the bemused expression.
From my perch in the chemistry building. It was snowing! Definitely not a lounge-on-the-oval day.
The room packing has begun. I need to buy some white thread, and borrow a iron and board. I've finished my little project for Teralyn. All Things Considered is giving me graduation advice. That is my status update.