16 January 2013


Purchased: Neo-Air All Season and pack liner/inflator bag/camp stool converter. And a smart wool shirt from the thrift store for $3! And some crispy grapes. And some delightful drinks to mix in with my housewarming bottle of spiced rum.

Accomplished: Applied online to one office job, and four boulder area caterers. Applied in person to two spice shops, the GoLite store, Moosejaw, and the Herbal Apothecary, but they only hire certified herbalists, but I can apprentice with them for lots of free training.

Caught up on some email. Showered. Drank a liter of coconut water.

07 January 2013

new years. and cheap neon nail polish

I have painted my fingernails for the first time in three years. It does not look good. But I am going to try to break my nail biting habit once again. Sort of a new years resolution. Other things I have been thinking about: wearing makeup, choosing to wear clothes that make me feel good. I have realized that I enjoying looking cute, and I want to continue to build up my self confidence. Be brave, take chances, find courage (heart-knowledge). Learn a new skill, something tangible and satisfying. Build muscles, especially core strength. Cultivate patience.