30 March 2009

background music

Last night we were driving at night, heading east to this strange little resort, searching for a radio station to cover the gap between cities where not much can be found on the airwaves. So we left the search function on, until it magically found a station on Copper Radio, Dick Clark's Rock Roll and Remember. And so we were transported for a time to 1961, with every third song being a Buddy Holly and the Crickets hit. This was in stark contrast to the world outside the car, which was this amazing and scary parallel universe of sideways wind and swirling snow crystals and ice and distant, diffused headlights.

It is spring break, though spring has not reach Montana yet. I'm trying to remember how to relax and just let things happen, rather than always lookng forward to getting to the next activity. It is nice not to be wearing black. I made dinner last night. I am reading the Poisenwood Bible, which is the last Barbara Kingsolver book for me, until she writes another. Been putting this one off, just because I know there will be no more new ones for a while. There is a spa here, but I can't quite justify getting an expensive massage. Sigh. Gary Warchola, you better pay up when you get back from Utah. You still owe me for those textbooks.

22 March 2009


Sorry about the long time no posting, but today is my DAY OFF. And I am day-offing it, listening to new music, checking my blogs, snuggling under covers, etc. If only I could have slept in a little longer, but instead went out to breakfast with my early bird parents, and sleepy grump Morgan. Got: books and new jeans (well, goodwill-new), and funny dollar store items for the run crew of Guys and Dolls, as I will not have any more free time before closing night. Btw, we did poke several holes in the black scrim, shattered a few glass lamps, we yelled at by the TD, and generally tech was kind of headachey. Things are a lot better now that we are not adding or changing things so much anymore. I might get to go on a mini trip for spring break. Not that staying here isn't nice, but I'd like to see more of Montana and soak in some hot springs, and ride on a motorcycle like an awesome girl. I wish May were further away.

08 March 2009

immediate concerns

My birthday is this week. I would like to ask that we not tear big holes in the scrim or shatter glass all over the stage. This is my birthday wish. It is hard for me to think in complete sentances right now. It is hard for me to sit in a chair right now. I generally walk in small circles backstage, pacing, waiting for another scene change to arrive. I love french toast. Generally I look forward to tech week. But somehow, I have the feeling that all my brilliant problem solving abilities will not serve me during these techs. Headstands tomorrow in yoga. I have never successfully done such a thing, so we will see how that goes.

07 March 2009

little post

Wait wait don't tell me! had a limerick about how blogging makes college students happy! I am enjoying a small unexpected break, and trying to decide if I should buy a cute date outfit on Forever 21. I did get more vitamins, Fish and Flax Oil, yum.

04 March 2009


It's like I know that this really great source of attention, and snuggles, and random lazy chatter is out there, just beyond my grasp, and if I only had the time I could enjoy those lovely experiences. But I don't have the time and so the ideal hovers and taunts me. Want. Want. Want.

03 March 2009

herding cats

I'm in rehearsal. But I am also backstage and online and am taking a short break from shushing the actors to go type type type. The reason I am back here is that there needs to be a backstage mother who can figure out the hellacious scene changes. So I am madly plotting and have managed to get up through Act One with some tentative assignments. These actors aren't as good at remembering as my Merry Wives ones, so nothing is working like the paperwork says. But I am trying anyhow. Scene change coming up.

Back. After my props meeting today I spent a very pleasant three hours. So pleasant, in fact, that I forgot to eat dinner, and my substitute Mountain Dew is starting to wear thin. Ah well. The adventure was worth it. Occasional good distractions are so worth it.

02 March 2009

silly gooseness cont.

There must be something in the water around this department, like an early spring fever. People are pairing off, or trying to, all over the place. Twitterpated, that's the word. I guess the weather has been kind of nice recently.

I feel like I am out of favor with my director, like everything is never any good, like all is chaos, like I am going to fail all my classes and especially this test tomorrow. I've got a props meeting tomorrow, and paper tech on thursday. And so much more. I just hate the feeling that there is nothing I can do to make at least one aspect of my life make sense. There's a dinner date that I can't even schedule, no two hour chunk of time to unwind and laugh and feel a pleasant fizz buzz of meeting someone new.