22 March 2009


Sorry about the long time no posting, but today is my DAY OFF. And I am day-offing it, listening to new music, checking my blogs, snuggling under covers, etc. If only I could have slept in a little longer, but instead went out to breakfast with my early bird parents, and sleepy grump Morgan. Got: books and new jeans (well, goodwill-new), and funny dollar store items for the run crew of Guys and Dolls, as I will not have any more free time before closing night. Btw, we did poke several holes in the black scrim, shattered a few glass lamps, we yelled at by the TD, and generally tech was kind of headachey. Things are a lot better now that we are not adding or changing things so much anymore. I might get to go on a mini trip for spring break. Not that staying here isn't nice, but I'd like to see more of Montana and soak in some hot springs, and ride on a motorcycle like an awesome girl. I wish May were further away.

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