04 February 2013

return to colorado

1 very expensive vanilla matcha green tea latte in exchange for internet and a wonderful view of the flatirons.
A visit to the storage unit today, and a bit more organizing and settling in. Especially need to rearrange my camping cooking and food storage boxes, in preparation for a trip up to the Swan Valley in MT to learn how to cross country ski and help finish a tiny house on a trailer. Spoon carving and sanding, some new burly boot breaking in, and yoga at four-o-clock. I'm dedicating my life to yoga this week. That's how I say it in my head, at least. "I'm dedicating my life to yoga"

I looked at my bank balance this morning and almost didn't get out of bed. Somehow the last three days have been much much more expensive than I expected, and that doesn't even include the deposit for the permaculture certificate.

Despite all my distrust and ambivalence around my relationship-in-the-making, these last few weeks I've been feeling slightly giddy and optimistic. Been getting sweet little messages about tactics and dulce de leche crossaints, and this month+ apart seems very different from the last one. Even though nothing is official, I'm exciting for some upcoming adventures in March, as well as just hanging out.

The work scene is still a source of upset and worry. It is partly because of money, but also I just like to have purpose in life, and work has always been my way to meet people and stretch myself.