23 August 2012

Highs and Lows

Afternoon on Thursday. I am in Boulder. Rainbow is asleep, worn out from work. So I have his big shiny computer, and am fighting boredom. Free Kindle books are not calling my name at the moment, nor is working on the Open Sky resource binder. Got into an accident yesterday, my car is banged up. Getting it fixed sure throws a wrench into all of my plans--getting back to Durango, moving into my country house, getting to work. Also, bike stolen, and possibly a bout of e-coli fought, all in the past week. I am feeling much healthier now. Despite all of that, I love being up here and am having a very lovely time. Relaxing and adventurous all at once.

11 August 2012


Farmer's market bounty. Carrots, beans, apple, corn, green chile crossaint. Passed up 15 pound of nectarines for $15. Perfect for jam.

Cleaning house, carefully throwing things out, giving things away. Searching for my next landing pad.

Feeling tired, achy, never-full.

Looking forward to september, my favorite month.

A new Wait! Wait! comes out today.