19 January 2010

creating opportunities

Well I've applied to three companies for summer so far. NOLS Pacific Northwest as a Issue Room girl--they've written back and said they would consider me, but that they wouldn't know until March. Which is a long time to be left hanging. If they say no in March, I would have to scramble for any other sort of job. Passages Northwest--was supposed to interview me on Monday, but that's been bumped to Friday. I'm not sure how many days I would be working with them, they say 30-40, which leaves a lot of summer to fill and doesn't give me a place to live. Anacortes Kayak Tours--I'm not even sure they are hiring for this summer, the website is behind, but they offer good training to their guides and maybe I could work in logistics and also lead a few trips? That would be very nice.

Considering a couple more companies, adventure expeditions for teens that run some trips in Washington, amoung more exotic locales. But maybe I will wait a bit to see what comes of my interview.

Life in Patagonia is going along. I'm feeling underutilized as an Intern, and it is not always the easiest thing in the world to assign myself work. But I do work hard, and people are nice, and I made some kick-butt bread pudding yesterday at lunch with a lemon glaze. That's my life.


05 January 2010

Coyhaique, Chile

Work day is done. It is 6:00, though I officially clocked out at 5:00 today, I am sticking around the office, helping a bit with Epi Kits (no EpiPens here, just syringes and vials of adreniline), trying to set up a schedule with my supervisor, and waiting to go into town.

So, I'm here. In Patagonia. I've been on vacation for the past few weeks, and it's been extreme nice, very low key, with lots of reading and cooking and staring out the window at the storms moving in across the mountains, the occasional trip to town (11 km away) for chocolate and mate and cheese, and a short kayak trip (with a very long bumpy drive attached).

It is a little like Ireland, if Ireland had huge mountains lurking everywhere. Very green, lots of sheep. Lots of hot drinks: mate, tea, Milo, coffee. Lots of meat eating. Lots of sweet things: manjar, chantilly creme, membrillo, guava paste, chocolate with almonds.

I'm the official Rations/Kitchen Intern. I work for the senoras in the kitchen, who don't speak English, chopping onions and peeling potatoes, smiling and nodding and hoping I am doing things right. I also work in the rations room, putting spices into tiny little bottles, and having big bottles of Thai Extra Picante explode all over me.

It's been quiet here at the campo up until recently, but now the instructors are starting to arrive, and there is a flurry of activity, planning and plotting and lots of little groups of friendly people. The students are coming soon and things will be even busier then.

My visa is good for 90 days, and since I am a "volunteer" (who gets enough money to buy a few limes and some cornflakes every week) I don't have to worry about worker's visas, thank goodness. I will have to take a trip into Argentina at some point to get a new visa, but I think that will be more a fun side trip than anything.

People are friendly, social, with lots of breaks to say hello, lots of people dropping by the quincho (kitchen) to chat and help peel potatoes, drink something hot. I haven't been very good about taking pictures, so I will try to do that. It hasn't been great weather, and everyone is wondering when summer will finally arrive. But when I do get around to it you may see: cats, dogs, horses, sheep, turkeys and turkey babies, chickens, ducks, kayaks, empanadas, my new mate gourd and bombilla, and the view.

I live in the Vista, I've begun painting my ceiling blue, I wish I'd brough a few more clothes, but I don't know what I would have left out of the packing. Going to go to dinner now.