19 January 2010

creating opportunities

Well I've applied to three companies for summer so far. NOLS Pacific Northwest as a Issue Room girl--they've written back and said they would consider me, but that they wouldn't know until March. Which is a long time to be left hanging. If they say no in March, I would have to scramble for any other sort of job. Passages Northwest--was supposed to interview me on Monday, but that's been bumped to Friday. I'm not sure how many days I would be working with them, they say 30-40, which leaves a lot of summer to fill and doesn't give me a place to live. Anacortes Kayak Tours--I'm not even sure they are hiring for this summer, the website is behind, but they offer good training to their guides and maybe I could work in logistics and also lead a few trips? That would be very nice.

Considering a couple more companies, adventure expeditions for teens that run some trips in Washington, amoung more exotic locales. But maybe I will wait a bit to see what comes of my interview.

Life in Patagonia is going along. I'm feeling underutilized as an Intern, and it is not always the easiest thing in the world to assign myself work. But I do work hard, and people are nice, and I made some kick-butt bread pudding yesterday at lunch with a lemon glaze. That's my life.


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