30 December 2010

haven't thought of resolutions, yet

I am facing a dilemma that I was not anticipating. Seems that I might now be looking for spring work--could go back to the old job, but it isn't a great fit, and they know it, and I know it...So now I am looking around madly for something to make a little bit of money, unlike this entire winter. And I've actually found some really great options.

SCA is hiring leaders for their alternative spring break, which is one month of work, and means that I could bop around with Sky and Laura, or hike the AT for a little bit, and maybe pick up some other short trip-like jobs somehow.

Also there are Ridgerunner and Caretaker positions open for the southern part of the AT, which actually sound very fun and exciting, talking to people about hiking and LNT and gear and fun stuff like that. It is different from everything else I have done, and I am rather jazzed about it.

But I don't want to get my hopes up too high, and I need to decide soon what I am doing and tell Salish. Bounce. I also need to get my WFR recert, and want to talk WTA into paying for half of it, or something. I will scrub floors, peel potatoes, whatever.

Also must prepare to apply for summer WTA work. Not even thinking about fall. Trying to leave Tole Mour behind--though that may not be the right choice, either. A huge part of me wants to GO BACK!