25 February 2009


I am a silly goose, according to Morgan. And perhaps it is true. I just ordered food to be delivered to the drama department. Am tired and hungry and worn out and really don't want to eat another stale bagel from the UC for dinner. So am having chicken peanut curry instead. Purr.

23 February 2009

seeking calm

I'm sitting in the quiet room in the UC, which generally feels too much like a tomb, but today I am hoping it will give me the piece of mind that I need to sit down and write this paper. I am not going to yoga today, because the instructor clearly asked people not to come when they are sick/ certain other Ashtanga-y reasons. So I am trying to use the time efficiently. I am having a jumpy, unattractive, unsettled day, which really wasn't helped by running into people who make me even more jumpy before I had had my breakfast cup of tea. I was all flustered and my hair was still wet and my ugly coat was on and I just wanted to hide. And as that was impossible, I was catty and awkward and tried to make it better by texting afterwards, which of course made it WORSE. I sent in some of my paperwork for NOLS and NYC, though each of them will require a second mailing. I am behind in my drafting catchup, behind in my drawing for sporky, amazingly behind in cleaning the kitchen, and I haven't heard from Laura in a week. I am nervous. And drawn out.

19 February 2009

muzzy brain

I feel uckily sick and I've just run out of cold medicine. Oh no! There was a moment in the afternoon where I didn't feel so bad, and made three dishes: croutons, apple cherry cobbler, and mac and cheese, in a half hours time. I also ate dinner of bagel and cream cheese and strawberry yoghurt. I don't know what was going on there. It is too bad I felt so bad for my under studied tests today. It lowered my already slim chances. The busy is slightly less, but the dial is still in the red zone of TOO MUCH TO DO.

15 February 2009

vitamins and three hours till rehearsal

I've been transfer down from an ugly jacket into plastic bags, and as a result I have a fine layer of feathers coating me and my room. But I managed to extract four gallon bags and a nalgene bottle worth out of the whole deal, and as a result, I am feeling pleased. I finished my bivy, and while it is not the prettiest thing in the world, I think it will work well, and pack up small. I think it weighs just under a pound, because I used heavy waterproof stuff for the bottom. But that means I won't need to carry a groundcloth with me, just an extra piece of foam for my head, and maybe a trash bag for my pack. I think it will be welcome for trail crew.

In case anyone is interested, I was looking in my medicine cabinet this morning and was rather impressed by the number of vitamin and supplements that I am taking at the moment. Witness:

Centrum Multivitamin: maybe 2x a week
Vitamin C: maybe 2x a week
Vitamin B Complex: everyday
Flax Seed Oil: everyday
St Johns Wort: everyday
Arnica and Advil: while my ankle is healing
Green Defense Droplets: whenever I need to swallow a pill, I squirt some into my water

My general goal is not to be sick as I was last semester, and to have energy. B12 is also supposed to help the skin some, which never hurts.
Now wasn't that exciting?

14 February 2009

camp and curry

Summer Camp

I've been browsing NPR archives with the search term "summer camp" and have discovered a wealth of stories. I also found this lovely online magazine issue, which makes good reading.

I had delicious chicken peanut curry today, and got a package in the mail from seattle, with the usual chocolate and the distinctly odd fresh lemons.

Put up some new wall decorations. Planning on working on finishing my bivy when I can tear myself away from the radio. Slowly compiling a packet for the tripping program. I scored another $3 down jacket at Goodwill today, and a couple of new free books from the exchange. If only I could bear to part with more books I already own.

tackling the pile

I've been cleaning my room this morning, though I haven't gotten as far as the clothing pile, which is a really strange phenomenon that seems to occur in my room where the small number of discarded clothes breeds and multiplies in an unnoticed corner. It also seems to be magnetized, as even seemingly untouched, unworn clothing is drawn to add to the heap. I pretty sure there's a good horror movie plot in there somewhere. I swear I don't have that many clothes, especially as a good chuck are in storage, and I've thrown away or goodwilled a number of trash bags recently. And it still always seems like I have nothing flattering to wear.

09 February 2009


Last night I fell off the loading dock and hurt my ankle. I took care of it immediately, and today I went to Curry, where they took X-rays, and were very unhelpful. I'm pretty bummed about all of it--the pain, the limping, the slowness, the impossibility of working out, getting in late to class. Walking is what I do, and it's a big part of how I define myself. And I have to go back to Curry later this week for a tetanus shot and for them to sign my NOLS paperwork. All of which they will charge me for. The only thing they told me today was that it "probably wasn't broken" which I was well aware of.

07 February 2009

sexy summer schedule

Graduation: May 16th
WFR: May 18-27
NOLS Sail and Sea Kayak: June 10-July 10
Four Winds Camp: July 18-August 29
NYC LDP: September 24-November 5

Do you notice that I have a nice big break in September? That is prime time for going on a hike in Mt. Rainier National park. Some nice alone time, which I won't have much of otherwise. And good weather time. No bugs, no snow. Nods. Exciting adventure time. There's not enough time to do the whole Wonderland Trail, but I could do Sunrise to Paradise, and go through Mowich again. I would get to use my poncho tarp and my bivy. I'm thinking just over a week, with a rest day in the middle. It wouldn't cost too much, just food (which I have some of, can take some from parent's house, and buy the rest) and the $20 wilderness permit. I'll have to decide soon, cause the campsites go by lottery.

I am done with the writing proficiency assesment! I have no food except for oatmeal, and one bag of noodles. I have to reteach myself how to draft today. Blech. I love AutoCAD so much more than hand drafting.

04 February 2009


Ten minutes before I go off to yoga, so I thought I would try to write something quick quick. I can't actually write very quickly anymore, because my "s" key has stopped working correctly, so whenever I want to type that letter I have to stop and hold down and make sure that it has shown up on the screen. It definitely interrupts the flow.

Rehearsal, a play to read, a paper to write, a test to study for, and much prep for exam to do. So, a busy day, especially as I leave in five minutes and don't return until 10:30ish. At some point this semester I am going to take the GRE (not the GED as I accidentally wrote on my to-do list) and when you take it, you get four schools to send it to for free. And all others require a fee to be paid. Which means that I have to go research schools, even though I'm not quite sure what I want to study or where to go or what to look for. Or when I will go, for that matter. The GRE score are good for five years.

Okay, I"m off.