04 February 2009


Ten minutes before I go off to yoga, so I thought I would try to write something quick quick. I can't actually write very quickly anymore, because my "s" key has stopped working correctly, so whenever I want to type that letter I have to stop and hold down and make sure that it has shown up on the screen. It definitely interrupts the flow.

Rehearsal, a play to read, a paper to write, a test to study for, and much prep for exam to do. So, a busy day, especially as I leave in five minutes and don't return until 10:30ish. At some point this semester I am going to take the GRE (not the GED as I accidentally wrote on my to-do list) and when you take it, you get four schools to send it to for free. And all others require a fee to be paid. Which means that I have to go research schools, even though I'm not quite sure what I want to study or where to go or what to look for. Or when I will go, for that matter. The GRE score are good for five years.

Okay, I"m off.

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Meaghan Leferink said...

You should look at San Francisco State University. They have a Masters prgram in theater arts with a concentration of design/technical production. And other cool programs if that is not what you want to study, like recreation, etc. I have been to the campus. Is nice. Nods.