31 January 2009

everybody loves saturday night

I dropped off a load of clothing at Goodwill today, and then managed to limit myself to only returning home with three new items of clothing. All are super cool finds: a green raincoat from REI from the 80's with the old logo, and it was only a dollar! also: a silk/wool/nylon blend sweater that is lightweight and soft and fits nicely, and then the final item is an early 90's down jacket from Columbia that is reversible (pink to aqua). I like to enough to wear it, but more likely I will use the down for a summer sleeping quilt in a future gear project.

Then it was off to the Book Exchange, where I turned in some books, and got a few back in return, and I still have nine dollars in credit for a future book-emergency. In other book related news, I love finding strange old books in our musty, airless library here on campus, and over the break I picked up Echoes of Puget Sound which was incredibly charming and kind of a cross between Anne of Green Gables and The Good Rain. My new goal is to make my parents read this book.

Final stop was a Joanie's House of Crap, as it is lovingly known amongst the costumer's in the drama department, more formally called Joanne's. I bought batting to finish off my quilt and was disappointed to find out that they have no mosquito netting of any kind, so I can't finish off my bivy sack with the rest of my outdoor fabrics. I will have to wait or buy it online.

I'm listening to Wait Wait! now, Carrie Fisher is the guest star.

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