27 January 2009

view from the top

Tuesdays and thursdays are busy days for me, with one class right after the other. I do have a thirty minute break before Music of World's People, which for some strange and unknown reason is held in a grungy sort of room in the Chemistry building. I'd never been in chem before today, and actually had to look it up on the map. All of the science buildings sort of blend together in the corner of campus near my house, and I've only been in about half of them. But I was wandering around, waiting for my class to start, and so I climbed the stairs to the very top, where there is a landing, and then a large lab looking room beyond it. More importantly, at the landing at the top of the stairs was a very large window, with a half circle top, and it looked out over the Urey square and then across the oval, and it was kind of sunny and kind of snowing and everyone was out walking, and I was finally warm after being inside for ten minutes, and so I sat down in front of that window in a convienantly placed chair, and turned on my new/old ipod and listened to music for twenty minutes while eating a health food bar. It was extremely nice.

Bought the rest of my books. Rehearsal to-night, as always. Thinking of being lame and eating frozen chicken nuggets for dinner. With some leftover pasta. Oh, and some carrots. So it would be healthy.

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