15 January 2009

weight of the world

I am listening to a birdsong CD. My goal is to listen to this cd all the semester until I have it memorized, and so be able to amaze my hiking partners with my bird identification skills. I am also trying to use a Chico's gift card that my aunt gave to me, but the website keeps freezing up halfway through checkout. I don't usually shop at Chico's, but I found a couple of really cute jackets that I want, that are on sale, and if the website doesn't cooperate, I will be kind of upset. One is orange suede. I made some stained glass windows today out of lighting gel samples, and read far to much of a blog written by a girl who built her own cabin at 17, and a sea kayak, and hiked trails, and in general is leading this unique and amazing and very full life. The Northwest Youth Corps lady called me today, and I am not calling her back, partially because I don't feel much like talking to anyone, and partly because I don't know if I want the job. I am nervous about making decisions.

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