22 January 2009


I've gotsa to think of interesting issues to talk about for five minutes at portfolio reviews. I'm just bringing along my Merry Wives binder and calling script, which i have prettied up. My resume is done, at least until I can find a critical eye to help me. Oh, maybe I figured out how to convert it to pdf, so I can put it up here as a link? Hmm. No, I'm not quite advanced enough to do that. Interesting issues with MWW (with will sound boring to most): Michael didn't like my blocking style, changed way I did blocking, new technique. Dinner at the Garter Inn. Not having an ASM until late late late. Scrabbling for run crew and The Big Change and using actors. The set breaking before first tech. Getting sick. Making a ton of cuts during final tech. The high school matinee. Well, that's a start. Big. Senior. Project. Plus. Panel. Portfolio. Presentation. Not the makings for a pleasent weekend.

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Ari Hargrave said...

You will do awesome! :D