24 January 2009

late night, daffodil dress

well, my internet was working when I left. But now it’s asking for an encryption key, and I cannot connect. Nothing to do but cross fingers and hope that tomorrow it will magically be fixed. I left the party a little early, while I was still happy and the champagne was still fizzing in my veins and the presence of certain people was still not an issue. As the crowd started to thin out, it was a little harder to ignore, and I couldn’t keep following teralyn around. I was pleased with the show, and I will miss having jim sontag around. And I hope that I do very very well this semester and everyone is pleased with me and they hire me for next year’s tour, though if I do well it will mean that guys and dolls does well, which means that annie will have done well which means that they’d probably hire her. I don’t know. A carful of nice elderly theater patrons gave me a ride home, as I was planning on walking in my heels and bare legs and it is 15 degree and Hellgate windy and snowing. It was pleasant. They enjoyed the show as well. Tomorrow is busy, but not stressful. Everything after that though…we’ll see. oh, and i got a ton of compliments on my dress. it is a fun dress. yellow and twirly and vintage. not exactly a I'm desirable and don't you wish you still had me dress, but cute and different and i'm a carefree, vintage dress sort of libriaian sort of girl and I spread 50's joy around me. So that was a good choice. Portfolios were a mixed bag, mostly good, nothing terrible. If i were looking for work, I would have had about four offers, I think.

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Meaghan Leferink said...

I want to see this dress. Have I seen this dress? Sounds pretty.