03 January 2009

tick tock

I am back in Missoula, where there is real blue sky, and lots of snow. But at least here there is supposed to be snow. I am sitting in my living room, waiting. Waiting for a phone call, waiting for my roommate to get back, waiting for school to start, waiting for some motivation to clean the kitchen. My living room is bright and sunny and a little more decorated than last I was here. It calls for a game night, I think. We certainly have enough seating. I would like not to waste this whole weekend. Brr. I hate waiting for plans to form. My patience has run out on me. How to keep myself busy? I don't have anything that I can cook, nor money to spend, I guess I have a sewing project to work on, but that would involve making a mess of the nice clean spaces. So. Ideas?

1 comment:

Ari Hargrave said...

Sit-ups! And crunches! And push ups and lunges.... fun! :D