30 November 2008

sunday blues

I have rehearsal today! I have school tomorrow? Where did this come from? I was just starting to get used to doing nothing all day.

I haven't been getting my stuff done like I planned, either--I've been sick, and occasionally otherwise occupied. Not yet ready to go into stressful panic mode, I think I can stave it off for a few more hours. Woefully out of food. Looking forward to wintersession far more than I thought I would be, and will probably be a little mopey once reaching Seattle. Cutting off my source of endorphins will do that. To add to the wishlist: a month long gym membership for when I am in Seattle so that I can stay energized.

28 November 2008

gray skies and warm feet

I am slowly coming down from my vacation from reality. I am at home now, and I have ordered delicious chinese food. I will now clean room, and lay on bed, and consider doing homework.

I am not sure what else to say.

27 November 2008


I am worried I may have accidentally hurt someone. Because they are one of my confidants, I told them something that I did not realize also would impact them in some way. i hope it will turn out ok. Other than that, I am warm, and remarkably happy at the moment, typing away in my dark little cave. I will get back to you after the turkey day.

25 November 2008

allie succumbs

Last night was 1st dress. Everyone looked pretty, and made me jealous. The only bad part about being a stage manager is that I never get to dress up in the pretty clothes. Rather a stressful night--I actually came pretty close to crying in front of my lighting designer, because I don't like last minute changes after the second tech run, and Michael had just handed me a bunch of cuts that changed script, sound and light cues, and set moving. It was only because I hadn't had the time to fully process new information and adapt to it that made it difficult--usually it doesn't stress me out at all. But we managed to solider on, and finished the show. Now it is tuesday, and second dress, and a whole new day.

In other news (news that I know my mother will give me crap for), I came down with a very nasty bug last night. I was in the middle of working on theater history when it hit me, and I tried to just go to bed and sleep it off, but it kept getting worse all through the night. By early morning, I removed myself from bed and laid in the tub for two hours, replacing the cooling water with hot, because I was having such a hard time regulating my body temperature. It seems to be a combination of the stomach virus, the throat virus, and the general cold. All three of which have been travelling through my cast. I have been taking care of myself, but what with the recent lack of sleep and a certain person's germs, my immune system had an Epic Fail.

Epic Fail is stolen from my roommate. Professor Annie wouldn't let me go to my morning class, and I know if I go home I won't make my afternoon class, so I have been slowly travelling around campus. I laid on the benches in the hall of PARTV. I laid on the floor of the green room with the lights off. I sat on the floor of the bookstore and read Cosmo and Time in the children's section. I went to the Market and bought cough drops, dayquil, and tums, and saltines, and tea, and apple juice.

Now I am in the computer lab, and the medicine has gotten rid of some of the worst symptoms. I am almost human again. Class in an hour and then I will take more medicine and go home for two hours.

It is amazing how certain text messages can brighten one's whole day.

23 November 2008

things that have given me a case of the smileys

  • blueberry incense
  • pancakes and sweet potato fries
  • uncomfortable futons
  • Slings and Arrows
  • late nights and early mornings

21 November 2008

one moment at a time

First tech is done. This has been a day of strange ups and downs. One, I woke up late, but hurried through my morning routine in order to be on time for my meeting. Then I arrive (on time!) to discover that they started my meeting without me.

So I go along through the day, and I recover my equilibrium only to suddenly be struck in the middle of math class by the realization that half of the run crew won't arrive until Monday. And I need them today! So the rest of math was an agony of trying to figure out where my brain had gone. I made a lot of panicky phone calls, bought treats at the store that weren't in my budget for the cast and crew, took a shower, and was back to doing okay, when...

The set fell apart. Broke. Kaput. They don't know if it is fixable. The scene changes are at this moment, crippled. Immediately I developed a stomachache and a kink in my neck that wouldn't let me turn my head. Started techs, and managed to climb into my happy thinking tech stage manager state, despite being denied a god mike. Sigh.

It did not go as badly as it could have. And they will try to fix whatever it is tomorrow before rehearsal. One moment at a time. To my list I would like to add: A gift certificate to Sephora's.

20 November 2008

plotting and planning

Light Cue
Sound Cue
Sound Cue
Full Black in
Light Cue
Legs 1, 2, 3 out
Full Black 2 out
Revolve out
Light Cue
Legs 1, 2, 3 in
Light Cue
Tree Move
Scrim In
Light Cue
Sound Cue
Full Black out

That's something like the scene change that takes us into the end of the show for Merry Wives, though, the Cues are happening in a separate time than everything that is moving on stage. Also, everyone is changing costumes, grabbing instruments, and plotting and planning in front of the down stage black, distracting the audience from the suspicious rumbling from behind.

Exciting times.

19 November 2008

need, want, never expected

Can i post my wishlist? I know the economy's suffering and all, and presents are not really happening, and it's kind of tacky to talk about what you like, but I still have moments where I see something and desire it. Take, for instance, the red union suit. And a fruit dehydrator, so that I can make dried apples during the winter, and at summer camp. And fabric and down to sew a summer sleeping bag, or to make an awesome rain skirt, or backpacking tarp. And a mini laptop. And a camera, or a digital camcorder, or a rice cooker. Some of these are rather large ticket items. Well, I like socks too. Socks are on the top of my list. And most socks aren't expensive.

Well, I like choosing and making presents for people just as much as I like getting them. So I will continue to plot, and we will see how well I choose. Generally I get one present per person, and don't distribute to a very long list of people. But each gift is generally several smaller interconnected gifts that all tie into some purpose. I think I was warped at a young age by the Alki Elementary Silent Auctions that were held in the gym. I have some very clear memories of the best best best auction items being huge themed baskets wrapped up in vividly colored cellophane.

In other news, I put down a deposit for the WFR class, which is exciting. I wonder if that will also re-cert on my CPR, or if I will have to take care of that in another way. I also fixed one of the many issues with my laptop, with the help of two tech people and two hours of trying weird things.

18 November 2008

stress and scissors

I go through strange outlets to relieve myself when times get busy. Tech week haircuts seem to have become a tradition. It just gets to be too much, and I am unsatisfied with everything, and especially myself, and oh look! a nice sharp pair of scissors--it is too much temptation. There goes two season's worth of hair growth. At least I look cute.

plans and provisions

In order to graduate I must:
  • pass the WPA (writing proficiency assessment) in March
  • resubmit my English Language AP test scores
  • finish up my drafting course, and my stagecraft 1 course
  • take certain classes to fulfill requirements
  • write a senior project paper and submit it for review
Classes I am taking next semester:
  • Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
  • Theater Prod II:Lighting
  • Theater History II
  • Dendrology
  • Mus of World's Peoples
  • Fund of Rockclimbing
  • Independent Study in Theater
  • General Geology Lab
  • Fund Biological Psyc
  • Photography
Plans For The Future:

Part Two (Early Summer)
NOLS Rock and River Course
NOLS River Guides Course
NOLS Outdoor Educator Mountaineering Course

Part Three (Middle and Late Summer)
Four Winds Camp

Alpengirl Teen Adventure CampPart Four (Autumn and beyond)

This is where things get a little hazy. I will share some of the ideas. Northwest Youth Corps offers a semester of training for Outdoor Educators, that pays room and board. I could work for the Montana Rep Missoula, stage managing their plays, and earn not enough to live on, but would bulk up resume. I could work for some other theater, in California, or Las Vegas, or Virginia, for their fall season. I could go back to school for a semester. In the spring I will probably work for the touring Montana Rep show that travels all over the US. This year the show is Leading Ladies. Summer of 2010 I may go back to work for Four Winds, for Paul's first year as director. And then I would either apply to work at Oregon Shakes, or in California, Las Vegas, Virginia, Seattle, Portland, or Boston. I name these cities because of family connections or strong faculty connections that could get me a job.

17 November 2008

well, what am i forgetting?

this is how i will survive this week:
  • one (1) bottle of Green Defense drops
  • one (1) bottle of St. John's Wort pills
  • one (1) bottle of Zicam Cold + Flu Nighttime
  • one (1) box of satsumas
  • four (4) bars of Cadbury Chocolate
  • endless cups of tea with lemon and honey
  • clean laundry
  • escapist books on tape
this is what i have to survive:
  • a rapidly dwindling run crew
  • conflicting work schedules for my actors
  • scheduling fittings for all my fairies
  • props showing (in less than an hour!)
  • photo call
  • a stressed out (but with a plan to finish on time) costume shop
  • a stressed out (and rather disorganized) scene shop
  • a scene change rehearsal with no one to attend it
  • paper tech
  • a math test
  • a partially broken computer
  • directing scenes (from Melencholy Play)
  • acting scenes (from Clean House)
  • theater history project and paper
  • finishing the blocking script
  • sending actors off to interviews
  • finding my lost keys

16 November 2008

This is a test

I was told that if I started blogging again, my mother would buy me delicious takeout food once a month. As this is probably the busiest time of the semester, what better time to start this silly project?