30 November 2008

sunday blues

I have rehearsal today! I have school tomorrow? Where did this come from? I was just starting to get used to doing nothing all day.

I haven't been getting my stuff done like I planned, either--I've been sick, and occasionally otherwise occupied. Not yet ready to go into stressful panic mode, I think I can stave it off for a few more hours. Woefully out of food. Looking forward to wintersession far more than I thought I would be, and will probably be a little mopey once reaching Seattle. Cutting off my source of endorphins will do that. To add to the wishlist: a month long gym membership for when I am in Seattle so that I can stay energized.


Meaghan said...

Don't be mopey when you come to Seattle! I will have no use for you then. But I guess I understand.

Allie Maloney said...

will you not also be mopey?