21 November 2008

one moment at a time

First tech is done. This has been a day of strange ups and downs. One, I woke up late, but hurried through my morning routine in order to be on time for my meeting. Then I arrive (on time!) to discover that they started my meeting without me.

So I go along through the day, and I recover my equilibrium only to suddenly be struck in the middle of math class by the realization that half of the run crew won't arrive until Monday. And I need them today! So the rest of math was an agony of trying to figure out where my brain had gone. I made a lot of panicky phone calls, bought treats at the store that weren't in my budget for the cast and crew, took a shower, and was back to doing okay, when...

The set fell apart. Broke. Kaput. They don't know if it is fixable. The scene changes are at this moment, crippled. Immediately I developed a stomachache and a kink in my neck that wouldn't let me turn my head. Started techs, and managed to climb into my happy thinking tech stage manager state, despite being denied a god mike. Sigh.

It did not go as badly as it could have. And they will try to fix whatever it is tomorrow before rehearsal. One moment at a time. To my list I would like to add: A gift certificate to Sephora's.


meaghan said...

Oh my. What a day. I probably would have cried or kicked something. I am glad you are more capable of handling such situations.

Allie Maloney said...

i wasn't ever angry. i was never in a kicking mood. sometimes i have those moods. not during tech week though.

allie needs more people to comment on her blog.