17 November 2008

well, what am i forgetting?

this is how i will survive this week:
  • one (1) bottle of Green Defense drops
  • one (1) bottle of St. John's Wort pills
  • one (1) bottle of Zicam Cold + Flu Nighttime
  • one (1) box of satsumas
  • four (4) bars of Cadbury Chocolate
  • endless cups of tea with lemon and honey
  • clean laundry
  • escapist books on tape
this is what i have to survive:
  • a rapidly dwindling run crew
  • conflicting work schedules for my actors
  • scheduling fittings for all my fairies
  • props showing (in less than an hour!)
  • photo call
  • a stressed out (but with a plan to finish on time) costume shop
  • a stressed out (and rather disorganized) scene shop
  • a scene change rehearsal with no one to attend it
  • paper tech
  • a math test
  • a partially broken computer
  • directing scenes (from Melencholy Play)
  • acting scenes (from Clean House)
  • theater history project and paper
  • finishing the blocking script
  • sending actors off to interviews
  • finding my lost keys

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