18 November 2008

plans and provisions

In order to graduate I must:
  • pass the WPA (writing proficiency assessment) in March
  • resubmit my English Language AP test scores
  • finish up my drafting course, and my stagecraft 1 course
  • take certain classes to fulfill requirements
  • write a senior project paper and submit it for review
Classes I am taking next semester:
  • Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
  • Theater Prod II:Lighting
  • Theater History II
  • Dendrology
  • Mus of World's Peoples
  • Fund of Rockclimbing
  • Independent Study in Theater
  • General Geology Lab
  • Fund Biological Psyc
  • Photography
Plans For The Future:

Part Two (Early Summer)
NOLS Rock and River Course
NOLS River Guides Course
NOLS Outdoor Educator Mountaineering Course

Part Three (Middle and Late Summer)
Four Winds Camp

Alpengirl Teen Adventure CampPart Four (Autumn and beyond)

This is where things get a little hazy. I will share some of the ideas. Northwest Youth Corps offers a semester of training for Outdoor Educators, that pays room and board. I could work for the Montana Rep Missoula, stage managing their plays, and earn not enough to live on, but would bulk up resume. I could work for some other theater, in California, or Las Vegas, or Virginia, for their fall season. I could go back to school for a semester. In the spring I will probably work for the touring Montana Rep show that travels all over the US. This year the show is Leading Ladies. Summer of 2010 I may go back to work for Four Winds, for Paul's first year as director. And then I would either apply to work at Oregon Shakes, or in California, Las Vegas, Virginia, Seattle, Portland, or Boston. I name these cities because of family connections or strong faculty connections that could get me a job.

1 comment:

Meaghan said...

1) If you do not work at Four Winds at all, and I end up working there I will be slightly disappointed.
2) You should work in San Fran, lots of work for you out here. Nods.