19 November 2008

need, want, never expected

Can i post my wishlist? I know the economy's suffering and all, and presents are not really happening, and it's kind of tacky to talk about what you like, but I still have moments where I see something and desire it. Take, for instance, the red union suit. And a fruit dehydrator, so that I can make dried apples during the winter, and at summer camp. And fabric and down to sew a summer sleeping bag, or to make an awesome rain skirt, or backpacking tarp. And a mini laptop. And a camera, or a digital camcorder, or a rice cooker. Some of these are rather large ticket items. Well, I like socks too. Socks are on the top of my list. And most socks aren't expensive.

Well, I like choosing and making presents for people just as much as I like getting them. So I will continue to plot, and we will see how well I choose. Generally I get one present per person, and don't distribute to a very long list of people. But each gift is generally several smaller interconnected gifts that all tie into some purpose. I think I was warped at a young age by the Alki Elementary Silent Auctions that were held in the gym. I have some very clear memories of the best best best auction items being huge themed baskets wrapped up in vividly colored cellophane.

In other news, I put down a deposit for the WFR class, which is exciting. I wonder if that will also re-cert on my CPR, or if I will have to take care of that in another way. I also fixed one of the many issues with my laptop, with the help of two tech people and two hours of trying weird things.


Meaghan Leferink said...

Does that mean you can make me CDs now?

Allie Maloney said...

no. that problem is still unfixed

Ari Hargrave said...

I am going to keep my eye out for fun socks for the Allie!