25 November 2008

allie succumbs

Last night was 1st dress. Everyone looked pretty, and made me jealous. The only bad part about being a stage manager is that I never get to dress up in the pretty clothes. Rather a stressful night--I actually came pretty close to crying in front of my lighting designer, because I don't like last minute changes after the second tech run, and Michael had just handed me a bunch of cuts that changed script, sound and light cues, and set moving. It was only because I hadn't had the time to fully process new information and adapt to it that made it difficult--usually it doesn't stress me out at all. But we managed to solider on, and finished the show. Now it is tuesday, and second dress, and a whole new day.

In other news (news that I know my mother will give me crap for), I came down with a very nasty bug last night. I was in the middle of working on theater history when it hit me, and I tried to just go to bed and sleep it off, but it kept getting worse all through the night. By early morning, I removed myself from bed and laid in the tub for two hours, replacing the cooling water with hot, because I was having such a hard time regulating my body temperature. It seems to be a combination of the stomach virus, the throat virus, and the general cold. All three of which have been travelling through my cast. I have been taking care of myself, but what with the recent lack of sleep and a certain person's germs, my immune system had an Epic Fail.

Epic Fail is stolen from my roommate. Professor Annie wouldn't let me go to my morning class, and I know if I go home I won't make my afternoon class, so I have been slowly travelling around campus. I laid on the benches in the hall of PARTV. I laid on the floor of the green room with the lights off. I sat on the floor of the bookstore and read Cosmo and Time in the children's section. I went to the Market and bought cough drops, dayquil, and tums, and saltines, and tea, and apple juice.

Now I am in the computer lab, and the medicine has gotten rid of some of the worst symptoms. I am almost human again. Class in an hour and then I will take more medicine and go home for two hours.

It is amazing how certain text messages can brighten one's whole day.

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