15 February 2009

vitamins and three hours till rehearsal

I've been transfer down from an ugly jacket into plastic bags, and as a result I have a fine layer of feathers coating me and my room. But I managed to extract four gallon bags and a nalgene bottle worth out of the whole deal, and as a result, I am feeling pleased. I finished my bivy, and while it is not the prettiest thing in the world, I think it will work well, and pack up small. I think it weighs just under a pound, because I used heavy waterproof stuff for the bottom. But that means I won't need to carry a groundcloth with me, just an extra piece of foam for my head, and maybe a trash bag for my pack. I think it will be welcome for trail crew.

In case anyone is interested, I was looking in my medicine cabinet this morning and was rather impressed by the number of vitamin and supplements that I am taking at the moment. Witness:

Centrum Multivitamin: maybe 2x a week
Vitamin C: maybe 2x a week
Vitamin B Complex: everyday
Flax Seed Oil: everyday
St Johns Wort: everyday
Arnica and Advil: while my ankle is healing
Green Defense Droplets: whenever I need to swallow a pill, I squirt some into my water

My general goal is not to be sick as I was last semester, and to have energy. B12 is also supposed to help the skin some, which never hurts.
Now wasn't that exciting?

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