07 February 2009

sexy summer schedule

Graduation: May 16th
WFR: May 18-27
NOLS Sail and Sea Kayak: June 10-July 10
Four Winds Camp: July 18-August 29
NYC LDP: September 24-November 5

Do you notice that I have a nice big break in September? That is prime time for going on a hike in Mt. Rainier National park. Some nice alone time, which I won't have much of otherwise. And good weather time. No bugs, no snow. Nods. Exciting adventure time. There's not enough time to do the whole Wonderland Trail, but I could do Sunrise to Paradise, and go through Mowich again. I would get to use my poncho tarp and my bivy. I'm thinking just over a week, with a rest day in the middle. It wouldn't cost too much, just food (which I have some of, can take some from parent's house, and buy the rest) and the $20 wilderness permit. I'll have to decide soon, cause the campsites go by lottery.

I am done with the writing proficiency assesment! I have no food except for oatmeal, and one bag of noodles. I have to reteach myself how to draft today. Blech. I love AutoCAD so much more than hand drafting.


Meaghan Leferink said...

what is NYC LDP?

Allie Maloney said...

northwest youth corps leadership development program