23 February 2009

seeking calm

I'm sitting in the quiet room in the UC, which generally feels too much like a tomb, but today I am hoping it will give me the piece of mind that I need to sit down and write this paper. I am not going to yoga today, because the instructor clearly asked people not to come when they are sick/ certain other Ashtanga-y reasons. So I am trying to use the time efficiently. I am having a jumpy, unattractive, unsettled day, which really wasn't helped by running into people who make me even more jumpy before I had had my breakfast cup of tea. I was all flustered and my hair was still wet and my ugly coat was on and I just wanted to hide. And as that was impossible, I was catty and awkward and tried to make it better by texting afterwards, which of course made it WORSE. I sent in some of my paperwork for NOLS and NYC, though each of them will require a second mailing. I am behind in my drafting catchup, behind in my drawing for sporky, amazingly behind in cleaning the kitchen, and I haven't heard from Laura in a week. I am nervous. And drawn out.

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