05 December 2009

Short List

Listening to: The Splendid Table.
Ready: to go.
Craving: Chocolate Mousse.
Making: Caramel Apple Pie.
Crazy Family Project: Giant Rose done in Christmas Lights.
Feeling: Slightly Unstable.
Have too much: Hair.
Learning about: Varnish, Sailboat Kitchens, Eskimo Rolls.


nobody said...

re: Varnishing.... you'll need to do a bunch of sanding, I expect. For the detail sanding, may I recommend the Dremel Multi-Max for precision sanding. Gets in the nooks and cranies really well. www.dremel.com

Anonymous said...

And mousse..... have you considered Dulce de Leche as an alternative to chocolate? Also good. Even better as a swirl between chocolate and DdL.