09 March 2010

North American Summer

So I'm going to be an assistant crew leader this summer, working for the Washington Trails Association. I'll be all over the state this summer, from Mt. Rainier, to the Wenatchee Nat'l Forest, to the Hood Canal area. Going to lead some adult and some youth crew, which will be a nice mix, I think. 

I'll have four weeks off this summer, so that should allow me some time for personal hiking trips, visiting friends on their sailboat, and hopefully volunteering for camp for a week. And I have almost everything that I need, besides a couple of pairs of gloves, and (hopefully) a new backpacking backpack. My current one just isn't suitable for heavy duty trail work, though it's comfortable enough carrying lighter loads. So if you would like to sign up to go on one of my volunteer vacations, I can tell you which ones I'm leading. Most are full, but the standby list does sometimes work. 

I've also got to motivate myself with this whole stick-shift manual transmission issue. 

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