26 January 2011

Not stellar

I am doing this thing that I occasionally do, where I find myself chasing circles around nothing, and I am sad for no reason, and I go to check Facebook, and then gmail, and then yahoo, and then webmail, and then my blog and the answer is always the same, nothing new--not that I am really expecting anything new. It is a failure to live in the moment and to appreciate all the good things that are going on and even the brilliant blue skies outside can't break me out of it. I feel like one of those birds who keeps grooming its feathers over and over, trying to look good, but instead slowly shredding the edges until it is frazzled and frayed. I'm really okay---I just want to be able to hang on to these folks that I come across in my travels instead of having to say goodbye way too soon. Nomad living leaving me unfulfilled right now.


melanie said...

really glad i found your blog. good stuff.

Ari Hargrave said...

I feel that way often. Having sold my soul to the man hasn't helped much :P I miss you!