28 February 2011

little big econ state forest

Well, hello. Writing from the airport wi-fi, as per usual. Sad to be leaving Tucson, there were a lot of things that added up to a nice feeling--people I enjoyed, who were into going out and doing cool activities, in an interesting place, with as much work as needed to keep busy. I will certainly miss folks. It will be nice to be making some money, though, and to get some more trail crew in before summer--help me to get ready for crew leading. Most of my day dreaming time has been taken up with fast forwarding one month, and I am possibly setting myself up for disappointment, but on the other hand...road trip, exploration, camping, climbing, eating, dancing. Maybe it will be everything I hope. Lots of new music to listen to, another hat to make, new books to read. Orlando, here I come.

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Ari Hargrave said...

You' re going to be in Orlando? When?! That's 3 hours from me!