01 June 2012

Cochise Stronghold

Driving home after a day under the summer-blue sky
sore shoulder, scraped shins
burnt noses, goals achieved
A day spent in laughter,
falling and sending
connected the the world
fingers and toes
by slender lines reaching up into rock
connected to each other
sunburn and ice cream
by farting, campfires, nights spent out under the stars

Rattling down the rocky pink-dust road
light slanting into low afternoon
it picks out the lichen, highlighter green
striping the rosy granite
Dry grass and green mesquite
in the southern arizona savannah
cracked and crazed
boulders, fingers, faces
where the skin of the old earth
has peeled away
balanced, fallen, holding secrets

In the van with the dust-filled brakes
radio turned up
four rows of cascading conversation
laughter and voices overlap
Jess is dancing in the front seat
There is a tension over my heart
My body feels swollen with joy
skin filled out to the last freckle
community, litter mates, contentment
In this moment our past and future selves merge
and all the world narrows to right now

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