05 December 2012

Wish list

One large bag of salted shelled pistachios.
11-inch Macbook Air.
ENO doublenest hammock.
Salmon jerky and Sea kayak lessons.
Love and adventure that is healthy, surprising, and exciting.
New backpacking backpack.
Work that is active and fulfilling.

I will be sending out lots of jars of tincture and salve this week. Obviously, I've been struggling along the path to good labels. I've been getting some good feedback on the products-- on this recent trip to Baja, I managed to cure my instructor's heat rash overnight, and I learned that my homemade deoderant is really only good for cool weather climates--it kept melting in the Baja heat.   
Winter Spice Body Scrub
Oat and Almond Cleansing Grains
Pinyon Pine Healing Salve
Sweet Dreams Spray
Love Tincture, Sleep Tincture, Woman Tincture, Allergy Tincture
Woman Tea and Man Tea
Precious Facial Oil
Sandalwood Cuticle Cream
Coconut and Cedarwood Deodorant

That's about all for right now. I'm still looking for my next home and community, still planning on leaving Durango and Open Sky at the New Year. Didn't get the job in the Southwest, but I know that the lady who did get it will do a fine job. Somewhere along the line I will re-cert my WFR, and hopefully visit with Laura and Sky, go home to Seattle for a short stay, maybe spend two weeks learning about Permaculture. I want to become a better sea kayaker--perhaps they need a volunteer in Baja, or maybe I can snag some lessons in Half Moon Bay, or travel to Alaska to camp on snowy beaches. Lakeside school might have a few weeks of work in the spring. If Chris Moeller walks off into the wilderness for a few months, I would go learn some primitive skills from him. Lots of possibility, just need to find a way to balance adventure and learning with humdrum expenses.

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