10 May 2010

Got to ac-cen-tu-ate the positive

So I'm still working on the robbinswold logo. Unlike many art projects, my first draft really was a first draft, and I've been working on redrawing it to be more balanced and pleasing and awesome. I have some high hopes for tomorrow, when I will get to use the studio of a real graphic designer, who has already given me one tip (full moon, not a crescent moon) that really ties everything together.

I've been listening to the How Stuff Works podcast, eating creme brulee'd cheesecake, and resigning myself to the fact that my jeans are uncomfortably tight and I should stop trying.

A couple of the places that have fall job opportunities:

I guess that working at an environmental education center for a while would really show me once and for all how well I like teaching kids...

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