04 May 2010

What's coming up

Hello. I'm sitting in Seatac Airport right now. They've added free wifi since last summer, and it has inspired me to post to the blog. I know it's been a long time. Headed to the midwest to visit family. I have cheese and crackers and dried mango to eat, and a trashy magazine to read, and two heavy carry on bags.

Made some citrus cornmeal cake last night, based on a recipe from Simply Recipes--it's one of my favorite food blogs, I feel like her recipes are really well written. Most of the cake is going to some family friends, but I made a couple mini-fish-shaped cakes to taste and they were good--sweet and light with lots of green zest.

Working on finding more seasonal work for when summer is over. There are a few different directions I could go in, and I am starting also to look into more schooling. I would really like to be in a place where I could have my own little home, and decorate it, and arrange the kitchen to my tastes, but Most Likely, I will be in a situations that involves a tent, yurt, cabin, or bunk.

I still need to mail out some of my Chile gifts--to Montana and Boston. And I have a couple of weeks this summer that are just calling out for adventures to be planned.

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