23 July 2010

back from Holden Lake, back from Robbinswold

It's been a busy two weeks, and I'm about to start another two week stint, but I wanted to check in here briefly. I'm relaxing at home, with cheese melts and lavender ice cream, watching NCIS and putting off doing laundry.

Holden Lake: beautiful lake, baby marmots, massive turnpike, good crew, great crew leader.
Camp Robbinswold: teaching kayaking, beautiful Hood Canal, great group of middle school girls, singing, crepes, friends.
Looks like I'm going to be sailing onboard the Carlyn this fall, with Salish Seas. If you have some fabulous winter employment, lasting from Nov to March, let me know. I will travel, I'm handy in the kitchen, can tidy, sing, sail, or crosscut.

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