08 August 2010

back from Schreiber's Meadows, back from Meander Meadow

I have been work a lot with the youth lately, first a front country trip and then a back country. I've got to say that it is amazing the different that a year or two can make in a kid's maturity level. Neither were 'bad' weeks, both were successful trips, but things were just so much more fun and relaxed with the older kids, I think mostly because they had more work ethic and were a very inclusive group and very into having fun, even in the face of mountain meadow mosquitoes and daily thunderstorms.

Time for a trail nap. The youth were arguing about the Robin Hood morality question.

Beautiful PCT near Glacier Peak. If I ever learn enough about mountaineering, that's the mountain I want to climb.

Mt. Baker and Mazama Camp. Quite a hike to get up here, but stunning views. Right now I am starting to pack for the next two weeks, sorting out the fall circus, looking for amazing winter jobs (Nov-March, I'm awesome and hard working, and I'll send you a resume), and gathering my things for moving in day for Salish.

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