03 April 2013

april wise-fools

Just within the last three days, the world has started to feel like spring. And, yes, so maybe it did snow in Boulder yesterday, but I am in Durango for a hot second, and it is gentle blue morning skies over here.

In March, I welcomed back Rainbow from Patagonia, threw a birthday party/miracle berry tasting, turned 26, braved a blizzard to volunteer at Frozen Dead Guy Days, hacked at dead flower stalks at the Lyon's Farmette, spent two weeks cracking open my brain and pouring permaculture all over it at a Permaculture Design Course, and moved twice.

Permaculture is a way of designing-- gardens, farms, cities, communities-- that takes into account healing the earth, being self-sufficient, and sharing the surplus. It is about innovation, starting slow and small, and creating a place that is green and beautiful where you would all want to live. It encourages hammock-time and exploration and abundance.

Coming up next: gardening intern in a co-housing community, where it seems as though I may be the only twenty-something, medical training refresher, conference/party in Wyoming, quick trip to the PNW to lead a trip for Lakeside School, Catering, Landscaping, NOLS, and as much Rainbow time as I can fill in.

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