06 June 2013

WRW 1 6/10

I am getting ready to go out in my first NOLS course as an instructor in a couple of days. We will be a staff team of three, with twelve students (seven girls and five boys). Age range is 18-22. We will be traveling into the Wind River Range in Wyoming, which is known for it's remoteness, beauty, and rugged backcountry. There will be snow, icy stream crossing, cinnamon rolls, and perhaps a peak ascent or two. We will be spending the fourth of July with mosquitos, trout, and stars instead of family, popsicles, and fireworks. I will be able to get mail in the field, letters and a few lightweight items would be welcome. (Salmon Jerky, Dehydrated Salsa Verde, Dal Seasonings, a pack llama...)
Clothing and gear are spread across my bed at the Noble Hotel, and I feel wound like a spring. Too much waiting time. 

My address: WRW 1 6/10 PO Box 333, Lander, WY 82520

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