14 July 2013

Excerpts from the group group (written by students)

This morning we woke up at 8am-- quite a luxury. Since then, it has been quite an adventure leading up to this evening, as I lay in the tent listening to the musical zipping and unzipping of tent flies and the wind moving through the lodgepole pines. We hiked six miles today from just below the Popo Agie falls to just uphill of the Sheep Bridge. Though my shoulders were sore and the altitude was getting to me (and I suspect a few others), the hike was surprisingly calm and uneventful, with frequent short stops to discuss the behaviour of caterpillars and to ID various plants-- in other words, the perfect hike. Our group was the first to arrive at camp (Adiel, Alex, Kelsey, myself, and Yuri), so we chose a location that will suffice, though not as well as this morning’s site. The day, which had been cool and occasionally cloudy, took a turn for the petulant in the form of chilly rain and intense winds that did a number on our tents. I imagine we’ll have a great deal more wind and rain as the month progresses, so we’ll learn to deal with it-- it is all part of the experience! When the rain died down and we had made dinner (mac n cheese all around!), we all grouped up together to meet this lovely journal and discuss our community. All in all, a gorgeous day! -Liana

Sitting in a camp surrounded by the wilderness I watch as the sun sinks and prepares for a new day. I am finally starting to get familiar with the group of guys and girls I will be spending the next 30 days with which is very comforting. Today I got to hike with Olivia, Liana and Allie for the first time and learned a lot about the wildlife surrounding us, but more importantly created a bond with my hiking group that I already cherish. As I go deeper and deeper into the wilderness I learn more about myself and the strengths I possess and the weaknesses I need to solve. Today was especially fun because we got to fish for the first time which is one of my favorite things to do. Although it is still early and I feel somewhat stranded and frustrated, I am beginning to feel at home with new friends and the outdoors. -- David

Today cowboys brought our first re-ration! After trekking two miles away from our beautiful lakeside campsite, we arrived in the meadow only to find a two hour wait ahead of us. But our new food/ rock climbing gear/ personal items proved to be well worth the wait. With Santa Claus in the form of cowboys and horses as the reindeer, we eagerly unloaded our presents-- including eleven blocks of cheese per tent group. This day also marked the end of an eight day era: the existence of our first tent group. Although I’m already nostalgic about no longer being one of Kyle’s three mormon wives, I’m also excited to learn how to live with and adjust to other people’s personalities/ habits. Our group is becoming closer and more cohesive every day, and switching up the tent groups can only help. Also may this time I’ll learn to cook. So yes, that’s all for now. --Kate.

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