22 April 2009

brandi carlile (correct spelling)

Walking from Higgins Alley to the Wilma. It was a longer walk than Morgan realized. I liked it though. 80 degrees yesterday! And my pretty red shoes (Three! compliments on the shoes, and all asked where they came from) aren't too bad for walking.
The Wilma is this beautiful old theater, falling apart, but still so interesting with big chandeliers and carvings and an organ and a decorative proscenium. Brandi liked it so much she decided to sing a song completely unplugged and walked out to the apron with the twins to do so. People stayed really quite and it was magical. In general there was great energy and people were there to listen to the music and the concert just clicked for the performers and the audience. At one point she broke us up into three parts and had us learn a three part harmony and I felt like it was summer camp on a Sunday in the lodge. Wonderful.
All set up and ready for the show. We chose to sit at the very front of the balcony, which we some mighty nice seats, and way more comfortable than standing in the crowd clustered at the stage.
A good night. I got to explain was bolognese sauce was, and gorgonzola, and gnocchi, and I had a glass of wine like a grown up with my chicken marsala, and my hair was wavy like it would be if I could tell my hair what I wanted it to do naturally. So despite too busy schedules and not enough time to relax, I would say that this was an excellent birthday present.


Meaghan Leferink said...

Ahem. Which pretty red shoes?

Allie Maloney said...

the only pretty red shoes that i own!