12 April 2009

laundry list

A week later, and I have finally gotten my ice cream delivery, and it was delicious. Warm weather has come to Missoula, my bike has been rescued from its exile at the library, I read an Alice Hoffman book that I did not enjoy, my room is clean and boxes are starting to pile up with notes that say summer or storage. I got my hands on the Tuscan Blood Orange smell that makes Morgan drool (what is it with guys and food based smells?), downloaded free songs from Amazon, researched digital cameras and made a decision (and now I am done, Mom, I am not reading any more reviews), talked to my brother about dorm rooms and majors and summer camp. And I was visited by one of the well known ladies of the blog world, who commented on this blog that no one reads!

This week: study for weekly tree test, theater history group meeting, theater history movie watching, final drafting project finishing up, making a hair appointment, and maybe a tooth appointment, and dredging up a GRE test prep book, oh and driving. I'm determined. This week.

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Ari Hargrave said...

I take it the crisis was averted... and I know of at least one person who reads this blog!