28 December 2008

day 4

I almost had a bad tripper moment. Today we hiked into camp only to discover that it was dry and waterless, which would have been bad planning and very embarrassing. Solved when I went on a search and found a lovely little creek. I was so glad I ran to it saying silly things out loud and splashed my face to prove it was real. Olivia cried today, we walked uphill, the group bonded, the view is super awesome, there is a lion kind rock hanging out over forested valley and looking across to a wall of glaciated peaks. There was a burn here in 1988 and the tree skeletons tower over flowered meadow with lupine and yarrow and yellow asters, framing my photographs with wooden, twisting forms. I've changed our trip itinerary somewhat--making it hopefully a little easier for everyone. I am excited for tomorrow, though not for waking up early. Possibly ice cream tomorrow, and driving. As Annabelle pointed out, there is a huge waxing gibbous moon, glowing in the sunset, the last rays touching only the tops of each mountain and hill. Conrad made fun of my hair and fingernails today. Mean boys. I feel like this trip has been rather blessed and I am hesitant to talk about it lest I break the spell. I am very grateful.

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