22 December 2008

in my childhood bedroom with my parents across the hall

I wish that the East Coast wasn't so far away from the West Coast. Sometimes, America is just too big. Or airline prices are too high. Whichever. I actually ventured out of the house to-day, and horror of horrors, Goodwill Outlet was closed. All of my hopes were crushed. I mean, what could possibly be more fun then giant bins of random clothing and bags for $1.30 a pound. Especially when those bins contain such treasures as hydration packs and silk long underwear and hiking pants. I was going to try to find some amusing things for my Montana outdoorsy friends, who don't mind second-hand gear. But no, they were Closed Due to Weather.

Happy solstice, and happy hannukah! I think I am going to experiment with a mixed potato/sweet potato latke soon. I made mac n cheese from scratch for luch today, and it was ooey gooey and delicious. I have been spending most of my time staring at lightweight gear lists, reading about NOLS experiences, and adding things to my shopping cart at amazon.com, without any real intention of buying anything. Also listening to many audio books. I can't get to the post office to send off the rest of my present/packages, so if you are feeling unloved, know that eventually your wishes will be fullfilled, though the homemade cookies may be stale by then.

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