11 December 2008


I've finished my last official final of the semester. I have that I-need-to-cut-my-hair feeling right now. The problem is, I want to cut it and I also want it to be longer. I want to make mix cds, and cannot because of my stupid computer. But there is music I want to share and people I want to share it with. Before I leave, I need to buy me some more Moose Drool, and I need to pack, and tidy my house, and there is one or two more papers to write. At home some of my projects will be: making cookies to send off in care packages with my aunt. Making mini pies in little jars for presents, finishing up my amazing wristy cuff fabric things, organizing all of my outdoor gear, and scouring thrift stores for more outdoorsy and in general cute things. I've got to keep myself busy this holiday break, or I'm afraid I will fall into melancholy.

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Ari Hargrave said...

You make mini pies in jars?! That's amazing!